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My husband and I came into some extra money and decided to buy some good quality furniture. So we went to lay z boy and spent $4,200 on a new couch, loveseat and recliner. We were told it would take about 6-8 weeks for delivery. On week 10 we finally got a phone call that our furniture was ready and asked when we would like it delivered. A week later, which was their soonest available date for delivery, they came unloaded the furniture and left.... Read more

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I purchased a leather sofa and loveseat in 2013 and was told the leather would not fade and the color would remain the same. Three years later, the headrests on both peice of furniture has faded along with the stitching. When I contacted costumer service I was told this is happening because of the chemicals in my body and/or medication I may be taking. I'm not on medication and don't know what body chemicals play a role with this issue.The rep... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 14
  • #882556

Been on hold for service over 30 minutes. Third time. Ridiculous.

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Ihad a lasyboy chair rocker for years and loved it until. ,1985 we had a horible fire and lost every thing we sware by. Laseyboy furnicture

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I purchased a *** lazyboy recliner for $1000.00 in March of 2016 and it was great for about two weeks. Then one day I was sitting in it and the useless frame exploded. I looked under it and it is nothing like what they advertise! They advertise that all their frames are high quality hardwood, but to my surprise the frame is made of junk and their mechanisms to make the chair recline could not be more worthless, it is made of cheap 1/2"... Read more

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My Wife and I ordered a Recliner Rocker with Swivel base and a brown Tweed material with memory foam cushions. Six weeks later we had a Blue Recliner no memory foam, No Swivel. Not even close to what we were assured we ordered through the sales person. Now we are being told that we signed the order as if we could understand there Coder and order numbers. The call and tell me now that they can't fix it and they are going to have to charge me 25%... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 09
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Bought a power loveseat for $2700 and one side won't go fully down. Went and bought a Flexsteel recliner and it is made so much better and more comfortable! Will NEVER purchase anything from Lazyboy again, overpriced and poor quality.

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Bought a LazyBoy reclining sofa over a year ago. Within 2 days of delivery it broke! The footrest snapped where you kick it to get the leg rest down. I called the dealer came a picked up the bad recliner. Broughy it back, I started noticing their patch wasn't holding (staples were coming out and board was breaking again)! I have never boyght anything but LazyBoy my entire married life (30 years)! The piece that broke off the footrest is... Read more

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I was called yesterday and left an automated message, The first part of the message was cut off but I got the gist of it, that my chair would be delivered between 3:00 and 5:30. The message then stated, if you have a comment or question press 0 or for more information press 9. NEITHER of these options worked after multiple tries. The message then left a number to call: 503-369-13660, TOO MANY NUMBERS! I tried leaving off the end 0, but no luck.... Read more

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It has recently come to my attention that my Hayes Laz E Boy Rocker Recliner has a serious design flaw. When sitting in the recliner, there is no padding what so ever on the inside of the arms. You are basically up against fabric covered wood, with a nice cushy pillow like arm on top. I have had laz e boy recliners in the past, and the lack of attention to this comfort issue is very disappointing. I am going to contact the Laz e boy store where... Read more

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