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  • Lazboy
  • 1 day ago
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Chair was comming unsewed only few weeks aftet bought. They try to out tslk over talk you but no help. Tried to return or replace they wont let you do that. So they want me to borrow truck to take back to be patched on new recliner. Add comment

  • From mobile
  • Lazboy
  • Apr 29
  • #838459

I have a recliner and it makes noise want rocking. I phone the dealer and I can't get service. I got the product the 25 sept. 2013. Can you help me. My phone number is (514) 291-4466 Add comment

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  • Lazboy
  • Apr 27
  • #837484
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Terrible leather recliner worn and seam on one arm tearing Add comment

I bought the most expensive reclining couch and love seat automatic recliners 4 of them all but one are either broke or off hinges I called when it was 1 yesr 4 months old and they told me 40$ an hour to re stuff bad filling we all sink to a hole and then the mechanics were to be lifetime warranty but she said no at the head quarters of lazy boy. Also recliners droop and won't go all way down! They make a popping noise when reclining back wether you 300 or 85 lbs. my sons said mom you bought a piece of ***. Im 60 yrs old on part time work with... Read more

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I purchased recliner for my wife who was recently diagnosed with cancer and was too uncomfortable to sleep in a bed. We took delivery on Wednesday and on Saturday (the 3rd day of the 3 day return policy), I had to take my wife to the hospital where she died a day and a half later. Obviously, I did not have a chance to bring the chair back to the store in time for the 3-day return policy. I am simply outraged that La-Z-Boy can make absolutely no exception to a ridiculously short return policy. Now we have a recliner that not only constantly... Read more

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I find it funny you have to have a google account to write a review on the lazy boy website. Linda the sales lady talks a good talk we bought our furniture in July 2025 got the memory foam and all the extra *** they sell, I hate this furniture they have come 5 times to change the foam and the service guy put the wrong foam in the seat that had memory foam they do not stand by anything I will not buy anything again I tell people do not go to that store or any lazy boy store I bought 2 couches and a recliner chair and I hate them all Read more

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Lazboy - Never buy a la-z-boy product again
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I am sad to see so many people having the same problem we have, but nothing but a foot rest was offered to us 6 months ago. We have bought la-z-boy products for over 20 years still have one leather recliner that finally needs to be replaced. 2.5 years ago we bought this what they called leather product, I think they called if performance material that would hold up to kids and pets we have two very small dogs, no kids and the one that occasionally lays on the sofa is 15 lbs and does not shed. With in 1.5 years the color was coming off the... Read more

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On March 25, 2016 I spent about an hour and a half trying out recliners at the Lazy Boy store on 82nd Street in Indianapolis. It took time because I am disabled and had to have 3 criteria in the chair: I can't get up out of a rocker, the chair can't cut the circulation off under my knees and it had to be a wall hugger as my home is small. I told Jack Eller in a telephone call when the chair was delivered 2 weeks later that the chair had all 3 of the problems I didn't want. I was tired after sitting in a number of chairs so I would have... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Lazboy
  • Apr 21
  • #834088

Spent over 10,000 with Lazy Boy furniture in monroeville pa. Receive sofa with chaise and the fabric was from two different bolts of fabric. Complained and they sent out a rep who said "sorry this is within manufacturer specs so we can't do anything but since you spent 10k with us we'll give you $125!!! Seriously? Will never shop at this store again. Add comment

Purchased a recliner 3 years ago. We got it home and it clanked and banged whenever you reclined or sat up, but it worked, just noisy. Within a year a screw fell out, my husband put it back it still continued to bang. It just recently just broke so you cannot sit up once reclined. I called about warranty which we were told covered all working parts. They said if they came to our home it would be $60 to just come and $60 per hour to repair but no charge for the actual part. The key word for free is parts. I was furious. They *** anyway they... Read more

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