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In 1997 I purchased 2 Lazy Boy recliners. They lasted 14 years. Great chairs. But 3 years ago I again purchased 2 more. We were doing work on our house so I kept the new ones in their boxes. Afte about a year I replaced the ones I had for over 14. After the first 8 months I noticed the right arm of my recliner was very lose. I am not hard on my chair and am not over weight. I'm 6'3" and 200lbs. But the right arm of my chair is lose. I turned it... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • 19 hours ago
  • #991667

We are very unhappy with the rocker/recliners we purchased. For the 3rd time in 5 yrs the leather has peeled off of the chairs. Lazy Boy has not assumed any responsibility for the obvious defect. We have pd out of pocket for repairs twice, now what!! Very very disappointed

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Several months ago, we visited Laz-Z-Boy show room, Dickson City, Pa. We were assisted by a sales Mgr, Jillian. We looked at several pieces. Jillian was totally uninformed of the furniture, warranties, etc. We had to interrupt her constant babble about her daughter. Upon leaving, we knew more about her daughter than we chose. We ordered a couch, love seat and a rug for approximately $6k. Jillian a advised a 6 wk delivery. After 5 weeks, we... Read more

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Lazboy - Lazy Boy Rocket Recliners are no longer quality furniture
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I have purchased Lazy Boy furniture my entire life, About 15 months ago I replaced all my living room furniture an at a significant price. The quality of this furniture is in no way comparable to the older Lazy Boy rocker recliners that I still have. I will be lucky if it lasts more than a couple years, it is already failing in several areas. First the base where the top and bottom roll over each other to recreate the rocking effect,, the bottom... Read more

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Bought a very nice lazboy all leather recliner massage chair about 6 years ago for $1500 . 2 years ago, the vibrate motors quit. Thought it may have been the main control. Finally located one after extensive searching. Cost around $150........turned out it was not the control. Now trying to find the vibrating motors. Impossible because there is no identification on them. The outlet dealer is absolutely no help........other than " we don't list... Read more

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  • Jan 06
  • #986894

Spring sticking out of back , newer chair , , very uncomfortable

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My advice for buying furniture. Only buy merchandise that you have inspected and sat in at the showroom and the store has put a "sold" sign on. I say this because I special ordered a very expendive recliner ($1700 on sale) and within a month it was sagging and seams were ascew. The tech came out and worked on it and about 6 weeks later it was doing it again. The tech said he could order another but the problems I was having are common and would... Read more

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"Long story short, La-Z-Boy sells an inferior product, and they won't acknowledge its problems or reimburse their customers. This couch is still less than 2 years old." This from the review of another dissatisfied customer. We have the same experience with our sleeper sofa purchased in 2013 with a five year extended warranty for the bonded leather-- and are told that because the peeling is not caused by an accident, it is not covered by our... Read more

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In March I purchased an electric lift-recliner from Lazy Boy for my 93-year-old mother. Right after Thanksgiving she was startled to see smoke coming from the remote/push button controls. The control device actually melted, and the chair was stuck in the full recline postion and we were unable to move it. When I called Lazy Boy customer service, the individual told me the first available date for a service tech to come to the house was December... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Dec 29, 2016
  • #981696

Talked into a more expensive sofa with the promise of it being best for my back problems. It wasn't, it was hard as a rock and caused more pain.

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