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We special ordered a sectional and tables on 08/31, Sofa came in and was paid for in Full 10/13. Upon delivery a call was made by the delivering guy to service dept and store to order "cover" for controls on recliner.

One month later the repair guys shows up not to repair sofa, but LOOK at it. He also was suppose to look at spot on one of the end tables and the padding on one of the arms. He took pictures, left saying he would have to get back with us. I am very upset with my whole experience with Lazy Boy and will not be shopping there again EVER.

We should of sent everything back with the delivery guys, since it was not exactly what we PAID IN FULL for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazboy Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Was this a clincial diagnosis based on a professional or was this your own conclusion?? If this was true, you would have a large sum from a settlement.

Sorry for your diagnosis but "learning the hard way" is delusional to think that this is the one reason for the diagnosis. So dumb.

to pulmonary fibrosis linked to f Middletown, Delaware, United States #584963

It was from a Leading Envirnomental Pulmonologist .. and by the way the case is in the Delaware Supreme Court now and any amount of money will not give me new lungs or extend my life ..

pulmonary fibrosis has no cure ...

google toluene. benzene, formaldahyde etc


Learningthehardway sorry for your problems ... I worked for Lazboy and was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis from toxic chemicals they use .. I guess I am learnedtheharday :sigh


Learningthehardway ... I also had to learn the hardway since I was *** enough to work for that company ...

was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis due to the toxic chemicals they use ...

I guess I am learnedthehardway !! :sigh

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