I went to the Wellington LaZBoy store to buy a coffee table and end table. They said it would take 2 weeks, but surprisingly the salesman called the next day to say the order came in because they had it in stock in the warehouse.

The following day, I went with my handyman to pick up the tables, however, I refused them as they were scratched. It looked like these were the floor samples as they were scratched right where they had placed decorative *** on them. The Store Manager told me to take them and he would order new ones for me which would take 2 - 3 weeks. I accepted the tables.

I stopped by 2 weeks later and he said they were on order still. When I phoned the following week, I was told the manager didn't work there anymore and the tables hadn't been ordered. I had to drive to the store and show the sales girl that I had it in writing for the tables to be exchanged with free delivery. Lucky I had it in writing.

It took 2 more deliveries for them to get it right. Don't do business with LaZBoy.

They are not Lazy; they're deceitful.

Review about: Lazboy Manager.

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