The problem with Lazyboy is that after they take your money and so call deliver your furniture they are definitely through with you as a customer. My experience with Lazyboy was with their so called Customer Service and how they handle their customers in general.

When I went in the second time to buy additional furniture the sales rep was not even there when I arrived. She was apparently late, because she was selling someone else furniture than being at the store to wait on me. Then the Manager, Mark came over and assisted me, but did not read back everything about the sale the second time to make sure he had everything correct. They messed up on the sofa and chair and table was separate deliveries.

Which the sofa, chair, and table was supposed to be delivered together on Saturday. They could not find the sofa that I ordered because the Manager, Mark ordered the wrong thing than what I asked for in the beginning. You would think the Manager would get the story correct and order the correct item for the customer. I know we are all human and make mistakes, but when it comes to ordering furniture, you really can not make too many mistakes and keep a customer this day and time.

They will trade somewhere else. Definitely when I called back to speak to him, they kept telling me that he was busy with other things, he could not take the time out of his unbusy day to talk to the customer that spent over $ 7000 in that store with them. I tell you what if they do not pick up that sofa today this will be the last time I ever walk in a Lazyboy furniture gallery again. They have lost my future business and I will trade elsewhere.

When you do a customer the way they have done me I will not be back. I hope others will heed my advice and trade with someone else. This place in Charlotte has terrible Customer Service and Sales Reps that once they get your sale they are absolutely done with you. Personally, they do not want you calling them back for anything at all!

Same thing on the corporate level also. They are even worse. Delivery was even worse with the second shipment or delivery of the furniture. They did not even take the sofa when it was scheduled to be picked up with the delivery of the new sofa.

The delivery guys had room on their delivery truck, but actually told my grown son that they did not have room on their delivery truck to take the sofa. After looking out the window at the open delivery truck my son noticed that the delivery drivers did not have hardly anything left in the delivery truck. They actually lied to my grown son. That is something that really took my son back, was for the delivery guys to actually say to him that there was no room when there really was.

That is terrible delivery service and left the sofa on the side of the road. Which actually made the delivery even worse. Because first of all, my son did not want that sofa on the side of the road. Second, no one that actually worked at Lazyboy would have been treated the way we were treated and this is once again uncalled for to begin with.

My own adult son would not have done that to anyone. But we actually got this done to us. This is highly unacceptable and not going to be tolerated by me anymore. I hope Lazyboy is satisfied by getting a complaint along with the hundreds they already have also.

This complaints stay on forever. Signed Anonymous!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazboy Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Customer service, Sales reps attitudes once you bought the furniture, Delivery truck half empty sofa could have fit.

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I would not want a used sofa next to my new one . Not saying you have pets etc but what if roaches and fleas were on the used one you asked to be taken away .. I see their point and hope you understand the way I described it

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Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to us about your furniture. We're so sorry for your frustration regarding the service, and the delivery experience you've had.

Our team would love the opportunity to further investigate.

Please send an email to socialsupport@la-z-boy.com with your name, address, telephone number and retailer's information. Please include review number 973694 in the subject line of your email.


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