I purchased a recliner from our local store in North Aurora and was told the delivery charge would be $59.99. After a discussion with my husband he said he would pick it up.

I called and was told I would have to go to the Bolingbrook store which is not real close to our home to pick it up or pay a $35 charge to pick it up at our local store. Who delivers the chairs to the local store? Why should customer have to pay to pick up locally? What a rip.

This is my last purchase from LazBoy.

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Same happened to me. They have nothing in stock and charge $50 for shipping items to their store.

Why should the customer pay because they don't carry stock? Will never buy there again!

Smithtown, New York, United States #851467

I had the same experience today. That's really poor business - especially when they don't mention it up front.

I was more than willing to pick up my chair at the location where it will first be sent to (15 miles away at the most) and was given reason upon reason why I should not.

Instead, I will have to wait even longer and pay the $30 charge to have it shipped from local location #1 to store #2 where I purchased it! I am not happy!


After seeing a large newspaper ad for a LA-Z-Boy recliner on sale, I went to our local LA-Z-BOY Furniture Gallery in Myrtle Beach,SC. The salesperson informed me that if I wanted to take the chair home in my pickup I would have to pay a $30 delivery fee for the chair to be brought from Baltimore to the store.

This fee was not mentioned in the ad. The store mgr would not waive the fee when I complained. Subsequent calls to LA-Z-BOY in Baltimore and Michigan got me nowhere. I then went to a local furniture store who featured LA-Z-BOYs and purchased an upgraded chair.

Without a delivery charge,I got a better chair for about the same money. The LA-Z-BOY Furniture Galleries are not worth it.


so because you decide to be cheap and pick up your furniture, who should have to pay for the gas to have the truck bring out your furniture? Or the truck drivers, who have to get paid for the drive, and then to unload your furniture?

Leverstock Green, England, United Kingdom #27456

I was buying two sofas and went to pay for the furniture. I walked to the register with the sales person and as she went through the charges mentioned a charge of $85 per each sofa for local delivery.

I said I would pick the furnitue up and was told by this very bold sales person that I could not pick up the furniture and if I wanted it I would have to pay delivery charges. I see this as nothing more than a scam to charge the customer an additional 12% for the sale. The Attorney General's Office should look at these people.

PS.... I walked out of the store while the sales person said " I don't believe this" Well believe it and get real with you expensive shipping costs.

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