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Don't be totally disappointed and waste a lot of money on this extremely poor quality furniture. We bought a sectional and within ONE month the cushions are completely flat.

For this type of quality we could have spent a fraction of the price!

Their service department came out and stuffed some more fill in the top cushions, and ordered new foam for the seat cushions, but it's the same cheap foam so it's just going to happen again, and once it's out of the warranty period they won't do anything. What a complete waste of money.

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I have commented on other Lazboy complaints.. I was the service manager in DE, if you go on under contact us and complain enough they may send you up graded foam.

A good sales person would have offered it ...

sorry for your problems... a very senior member of management at Lazboy told me the squeeky wheel gets the oil!!!


We also purchase recliners and I ended up in a doctors office b/c of my back. Long story short..the chairs were sent with NO top padding and we had to get the store out to complete what LaxyBoy didn't do in house...and then....the base started to fall apart b/c the glider wheels were made of plastic and they broke.

LazyBoy is NOT what it once was.

I went to a quaility store and purchase a different brand and took the Laxyboy to the dump. You cannot deal with that company and it is downhill all the way.

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