I purchased a sofa and loveseat in nov. of 2006. Paid $2600 + for the set. This was nearly double what we were wanting to pay; however after looking and getting the sticker shock, we were told by a lady worker how they come with a lifetime warranty~she specifically goes on and on how everytyhing is covered~kid vomit, dog urine, you name it! We were sceptical; however she kept on with this lifetime warranty spill and how you can't go wrong cause you could literally have this set FOREVER! YEAH< RIGHT!

Shortly after having the set, we noticed a film developing in our living room on all surfaces. It was a dust type but soft. IT would gather in areas(espeically under the cushions) and then we started noticing the cushions looking rather "bald". Well, they were SHEDDDING! The fabric we had on our sofa was one we saw on a specialty chair in the store and our sales lady said you could special order it for the sofa/ so we did. Paid additional too. WEll, now it is balding and shedding! I was dusting daily to keep this stuff from accummulating and our children have allergies. It was almost like a dust in the air which would cause us to sneeze and all. Well, called lay z boy about the warranty since we had only had it about 6 months at the time and the cushions were nearly bald. They come out, say wow~that is bad and order new cushions. They bring them out and I think okay, all is good. NOT SO! We noticed nearly right away it started doing the same thing. I called and they said it is just cause they are new but it would stop. NOT SO. After about 6 months of dealing with it again, shedding, balding of cushions, I call back asking about warranty. They come out, same guy~replace the cushions. I then ask him~what do I do since obviously these cushions only have a life of about 6 months. He tells me call back and they will just bring us new cushions every 6 months. he tells me this fabric should NEVER have been put on the sofa; it was only meant for "fancy" furniture such as an occasional chair or so that isnt' used much. HUH? So about 8 months goes by. I call again~same problem. I am now told sorry but my warranty on my cushions was only 1yr and it is over so I would need to pay $100 PER CUSHION(we needed 5) to get new cushions! $500? To replace cushions which should NEVER have been put on the sofa in the first place and which have been replaced and noted as a "bad fabric" and I am going to pay $500 to have to replace them again in 6months? NO WAY! Come to find out at this point the lady who sold us on the "life time warranty" wasnt' even a sales lady but a decorator who works for lay z boy!@ I say well, then the whole thing should be VOID right there! How can a decorator tell me about a life time warranty and sell us a sofa with speical fabric when she is ONLY a decorator. They didnt' care. Sorry we can't help you. They then tell me, however you do have a lifetime warranty only on the springs and frame or mechanisms.

So fast forward to todayJan. 2012....We have had our set a little over 5yrs. our springs in half the sofa are literally almost gone. We are proping the cushion up with multiple blankets and towels folded so we dont' sink to the floor. I call lay z boy since we have lifetime on the springs, right? NOT SO! She proceeds to tell me we do have lifetime on them, however we would have to pay the pick up AND the delivery charge on the set for them to be brought in to be "looked at". We would also have to pay $49.99 just for the guy to "look at them". IF he sees it is something they cover under the warranty, they would replace the part and we would have to pay the labor fees. WHAT? So I ask could my husband bring it in and pick it up to save that charge, sure he can but we still have to pay to "look at" and all labor. She explains labor alone is over $80 per HOUR per unit(sofa & loveseat) so I am already going to automatically owe the $49.99 + $80 + $80 and that is only if it is 1 hour per unit. if it goes over, I pay another $80 + $80. So $209.99 if it is only 1 hr. On a sofa and loveseat with cushions that are now bald adn I can;t fix? I am not about to pay them something else to have to bring my sofa home and cover it with a slip cover! I called the customer care line~it should be called "we dont' CARE about our customer" line instead. She yeah yeahs me and says Sorry. We can't help you. I will NEVER and I mean NEVER buy ANYTHING from lay z boy again! NOt a lamp, not a rug, not a pillow, not a NOTHING! I will tell EVERYONE I know about this experience(which I have already started doing) and make for sure on my end lay z boy loses business for this bad practice. Dont' sell a sofa/loveseat on a lifetime warrantie only to tell me I stil have to pay for it! BEWARE! Lesson learned~purchase from ashley furniture, save $1000 and replace in 5 yrs! That would have actually lasted longer then our now naked cushions!

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Decatur, Alabama, United States #739114

I bought a Lazy Boy couch & chair & 1/2 six years. I have no complaints with it, except a spring is about to come through one of the cushions on the inside of the couch. I called yesterday, they said that the springs have a life time warranty on them, but it would cost $179.00 for them to pick it up, well if it's a life time warranty on the part then why should I have to share in any of the costs if something goes wrong with the lifetime warranty part????


lazy boys lifetime warranty is worthless. my loveseat springs went after 5 years and i had to pay them $99 dollars to come to look at them and then another$99 after the first tech came in june of 2011.

4 more techs later each a different person who would badmouth the tech that came on the last visit as incompetetent,it was pronounced fixed on sept9 of 2011. now todayjan 30 2012 the couch springs arew broken again and the customer service said too bad the warranty on the labor had expired 90 days after sept9 2011 so they want me to pay them again to come out!

They dont care about the customer I asked for my $198. back.they would not give it back .what aggravation and a waste of time and money that couch has been I would never buy from that lousy company again.


thank you for posting this. Lazy boy was recommended to me by someone but after reading all these awful reviews, i'll take my business elsewhere.

And to So Sad and getalife, what does the amount they paid have anything to do with the horrible customer service from Lazy Boy? morons

to lakersfan Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #781009

they use to be good .now well not worth the gas to take them to the dump


Ashley furniture is not going to solve your problem. It's junk and may only last you a year. Plus you're "giving" your money to China, as it is imported.


Nobody forced you to buy something you couldn't afford. That was your fault for purchasing something you couldn't afford and trying to live beyond your means.


Who buys things that cost more than they wanted to spend???Dis they hold a gun to your head???WOW..

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