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I purchased our first Lazy Boy recliner in 1967. I have had it reupholstered with fabric twice and it is still doing well!!

I have spent nearly $8000 for 7 Lazy Boys since 2001. The first was fabric and I replaced with leather to match new decor. Then the horror story begins with poor quality Lazy Boy leather recliners. A very expensive beautiful maroon leather with stitching over arms tore on the stitching lines.

Replaced with the expensive champ with XZIPTIT head panels. The back panel where head rests is flaking, cracked, discolored as well as an 8" streak on the middle rear of the seat of the recliner. Arms have had no problems. I purchased two matching recliners delivered a year ago.

The arms of both of them have lost their color - differently on each recliner. Went yo the local store where we purchased the last six recliners and was told nothing would be done (three months past the 1 year warranty on coverings). Okay, I have other things to do in life and took time to get receipts take pictures etc. As I waited over 1 hour to talk with the clerk who works with warranties, I wached the Lazy Boy promo video running in the store.

The longer I watched the anrier I became. Yes, part of why I repeated purchases from Lazy Boy is the mechanism (and granted they have been no problems with the mechanisms) and because they are MADE IN AMERICA! But what has been the benefit of that when the leather DOES NOT WEAR WELL? All the propaganda on the video about third generation in the Company, the "family" atmosphere for workers, the philanthropic charitable generosity with the Ronald McDonald house are all for naught IF THE LAZY BOY RECLINERS LEATHER COVERINGS do not wear well.

My patience has ended - no more Lazy Boy recliners!

BTW - my husband has been active in showing and driving horses and more than acquainted with the care of leather - saddles, reins, harness, boots etc. Therefore, don't give me the line about improper leather care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lazboy Pros: Recliner easy up down.

Lazboy Cons: Poor product quality, Bad customer service.

  • La-Z-Boy Warranty
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