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Paid $3000, had furniture for 2 weeks when the material started to get deep wrinkles in it. Stuffing in seats is crumpled and bumpy.

Opened up a ticket with service center. Rep came out and took pics. Didin't get a call for over 6 weeks so I called them back. Was told my problem was a charactistic of the material.

I'm embarrassed to tell people this is new furniture. It looks like it's 15 year old furniture. Lazyboy is WAY overpriced and the furniture is not good. I will never buy anything from Lazyboy again and will tell as many people as I can about my experience to keep as many people as I can from buying from Lazyboy.


Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Me too. Worst purchase I ever made.

Spokane, Washington, United States #1323359

I have been very pleased with my Lazy boy products, couch, slipper chair, ottoman and 3 piece coffee and end table.I have a big problem with Flexsteel and the problem I have had with 2 recliners, the first one was replaced. Lazyboy never fell apart like my Flexsteel.

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States #1282172

Not too mention that as of 2011 they switched to processed wood which off gasses terribly, and the leather smells totally toxic. I bought a chair in 2008 and love it...it has held up, made of solid wood, and never smelled.

this one is going back.

A shame to increase profits they are now making an inferior product. I can't even sit in the room without my eyes burning and getting a headache.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1179339

Our La-Z-Boy recliner just broke this evening. I've been looking for a store near me as I planned to buy a new one. After reading your comment, I've definitely changed my mind.

Thank you for your comment.


My comments on April 24, 2016 are as follows:

I bought a sofa for my son several years. That fell apart.

Then we managed to return that and I bought another sofa.

The sofa fell apart again.

I wrote to the CEO of Laz Boy and let the CEO that we will posting on a website that would land above the Laz Boy website.

We were contacted by Laz Boy customer service manager and ended up getting all the money back.

They did not want any more hassles with us.

Find the name of the CEO and write to him and post complaints as many as you can. They have bad merchandise and would never buy there.


Thanks for the info. I am looking to purchase a couple of recliners and will steer clear.

to Anonymous #1409344

Me too

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada #1094409

That is scary to read. We just purchased a very expensive piece from them.We have had service work done...stuffing topped up....and so far are satisfied.I do think that when you pay this kind of money[$4000.00] for a leather piece that Lazy Boy should complimentary include the leather care kit[retail $40.00] with the purchase instead of pushing you to buy it.Seems a somewhat cheap/tacky move on what they perceive themselves to be....a high end classy company!


Paid $4000 for sectional. Delivered and electrical recliner was broken and one seat was stained.

Said they will take it back with a 30% restocking "fee" which is ridiculous for a couch I just received and had for 1 hour.

I hate La-z-boy.

They are the worst to their customers. Don't buy from them.


We ordered 2 custom leather recliners. Within 5 years the leather fell apart.

Even the metal mechanism broke with one chair. GARBAGE.

We contacted the company & they never helped with our problem. Also bad customer service.

to Anonymous #1068594

This is my comment. Please look up the name of CEO and write directly to the CEO.

The sofa I bought for my son was returned and exchanged.

That one also fell apart.

Upon writing to the CEO and a manager in customer service, we were able to get full refund back.


Laz Boy should be put out of business. That is my comment.

They are selling supposedly quality merchandise - that obviously is not worth the money - since shortly after purchase the merchandise falls apart.

Everyone who purchases from Laz Boy and has a problem with the merchandise should write to the CEO and file a consumer affairs complaint to get the proper results.

GET YOUR MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for your comment. I Was shopping for a leather recliner - but - will now take your advice


I'm glad I did my research. I won't buy lazyboy products based upon reviews of product, and poor customer service.

I had called the Northrige store before reading this review, spoke with the manager.

He didn't seem to care if I came in to purchse furniture. What happened to customer service.?

It helps to do research before purchasing products.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #737816

Bought matching Lazy Boy recliners less than a year ago. Both foot rests on the recliners have failed.

The parts that hold the foot rest up and together are plastic.

These recliners are junk and we will never buy Lazy Boy again. What a waste of hard earned money!


I had to hear these kind of experiences, especially when you spent $3000. Contact the CEO of Laz Boy and you will get results.

I purchased a sofa for my son 8 mos. ago. Fell apart. Won't go into too much details.

Wrote to the CEO - I was contacted and referred the matter to my son. This matter was resolved very quickly.

He got full store credit within a couple of days and he is getting another sofa.

Everybody needs to go to the CEO level - otherwise, you get the runaround.

I like helping people and I believe that when something goes wrong - have to get the situation resolved.

to thermome #1094413

Thanks for this advice. Should we encounter problems I will know what to do.I am glad there is someone in the company that is ethical.We paid a lot of money for our piece and I have to say that I am not totally impressed with our piece....construction seems flimsy and leather has needed to be filled.We have only had it for a month -in a child free home. Think this company should include the leather care kit c that they push you to buy.Especially when you pay so much money for their furniture.....add sales taxes, delivery/set up charges!


This was brand new furniture..not used. I did take pics myself, went to the store that we purchased and was told by the manager that I had to open up a ticket with the customer service dept.

After I did, a rep came out, took his own pics. I didn't hear anything baok for awhile. I called and was told it was the material. I told them this was unacceptable and to send the ticket back thru.

Got a call back in a few days and was told the same thing....I'm just going to have to live with it. I have the CEO's name and address. I'm writing him.

Honestly don't know if it will do any good. I just hate the way this furniture looks.


Great Recliner - Purchased for Myself & Parents Date:August 5, 2011"My husband and I moved and decided to buy new furniture. We purchased a lazy boy sectional reclining couch and a recliner.

We loved the furniture so much that as soon as we sold our old house, we purchased our parents lazyboy furniture. Their old furniture was in bad condition and we wanted them to have something that would last and look great. Nothing compares to LazyBoy - it is awesome. The quality is like none other.

We'll never buy anything but lazy boy now."

Best chair I've ever owned Date:August 4, 2011"I bought this chair, not knowing anything about La-Z-Boy Furniture. I was so impressed, not only with the choice of fabrics and colors that I could choose from, but also the comfort. It felt 'okay' in the store, but when I got it home and had a real sit-down in it, I knew right then that it was so comfortable I could sleep in it if need be; and I have, many times. I like the fact that it is well made using quality wood, steel and fabric.

The chair stands up very well to wear and tear (although there are no tears).

Even my dogs like the chair, especially when I pull out the foot rest and they can lie side by side, along my legs and there is plenty of room for them to stretch out. I just can't say enough about my La-Z-Boy recliner - I'm so impressed with it, I went and bought two more a couple of weeks ago, and can't wait till they arrive at the warehouse, so I can pick them up and start enjoying them in my sitting room."

to ***sumer #3/ ***sumer # 4 #1136874

You are one of the lucky ones....but if you do eventually have problems they will be polite and give you a complaint number, go through the motions and find a dumb excuse not to accept responsibility. I am a long time Lazy-Boy customer and have 2 homes, I find the older pieces hold up, but the new stuff does not, maybe now made in China ? Buyer beware !

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