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Paid $3000, had furniture for 2 weeks when the material started to get deep wrinkles in it. Stuffing in seats is crumpled and bumpy.

Opened up a ticket with service center. Rep came out and took pics. Didin't get a call for over 6 weeks so I called them back. Was told my problem was a charactistic of the material.

I'm embarrassed to tell people this is new furniture. It looks like it's 15 year old furniture. Lazyboy is WAY overpriced and the furniture is not good. I will never buy anything from Lazyboy again and will tell as many people as I can about my experience to keep as many people as I can from buying from Lazyboy.


Monetary Loss: $3000.

Location: Herndon, Virginia

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I am also having issues with poor quality. I am currently trying to work this out with the company, but so far no help at all.




Their recliners squeak horribly. I purchased three and all three squeak so badly you can hear it over the TV.

They even squeak when you’re sitting completely still or sometimes when there’s nobody in them but somebody walks by! They’re WAY too expensive for this!


If you keep pushing they will exchange it for something else. I bought a leather sectional with the same experience.

Now I have a $3,000 credit because of the difference in price and they won’t refund money.

I have to spend it there. Still terrible!


hello, i am curious, i bought a Sofa and a recliner, and i am not happy at all with my $2100 purchase, the recliner is so uncomfortable i hate it, and the couch is nothing like the one in the sow room, i am very upset, did they charge you a re-stocking fee of 30% when you went back to them and requested a return of your purchase? and did you have to pay to have it shipped back to the facility? just curious i am in day 2 of my purchase and i cant be more unhappy then i am now


Next recourse is to rent a truck and dump it on their sidewalk!


Write to the CEO and post some reviews below their website.


Quality and customer service are horrible, especially for the price. Going back to Rooms to Go?


Me too. Worst purchase I ever made.


I have been very pleased with my Lazy boy products, couch, slipper chair, ottoman and 3 piece coffee and end table.I have a big problem with Flexsteel and the problem I have had with 2 recliners, the first one was replaced. Lazyboy never fell apart like my Flexsteel.


Not too mention that as of 2011 they switched to processed wood which off gasses terribly, and the leather smells totally toxic. I bought a chair in 2008 and love it...it has held up, made of solid wood, and never smelled.

this one is going back.

A shame to increase profits they are now making an inferior product. I can't even sit in the room without my eyes burning and getting a headache.


Our La-Z-Boy recliner just broke this evening. I've been looking for a store near me as I planned to buy a new one. After reading your comment, I've definitely changed my mind.

Thank you for your comment.


My comments on April 24, 2016 are as follows:

I bought a sofa for my son several years. That fell apart.

Then we managed to return that and I bought another sofa.

The sofa fell apart again.

I wrote to the CEO of Laz Boy and let the CEO that we will posting on a website that would land above the Laz Boy website.

We were contacted by Laz Boy customer service manager and ended up getting all the money back.

They did not want any more hassles with us.

Find the name of the CEO and write to him and post complaints as many as you can. They have bad merchandise and would never buy there.


Thank you for this valuable information. Would you please share the LazyBoy CEO contact information, so the rest of us EXTREMELY dissatisfied customers can do the same.

Perhaps, if the CEO is bombarded with complaints from unhappy customers something will be done.

It is hard to believe that the CEO possesses the same nonchalant "IDGAD" attitude as his underlings. Many thanks, E-J Hurley


Hello, may i ask you what the CEO's name is? is it E-J Hurley?


Thanks for the info. I am looking to purchase a couple of recliners and will steer clear.


Me too


That is scary to read. We just purchased a very expensive piece from them.We have had service work done...stuffing topped up....and so far are satisfied.I do think that when you pay this kind of money[$4000.00] for a leather piece that Lazy Boy should complimentary include the leather care kit[retail $40.00] with the purchase instead of pushing you to buy it.Seems a somewhat cheap/tacky move on what they perceive themselves to be....a high end classy company!


Paid $4000 for sectional. Delivered and electrical recliner was broken and one seat was stained.

Said they will take it back with a 30% restocking "fee" which is ridiculous for a couch I just received and had for 1 hour.

I hate La-z-boy.

They are the worst to their customers. Don't buy from them.


We ordered 2 custom leather recliners. Within 5 years the leather fell apart.

Even the metal mechanism broke with one chair. GARBAGE.

We contacted the company & they never helped with our problem. Also bad customer service.

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