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The BBB (Better Business Bureau) has a rating of F for La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in Columbus, Ohio.

My 93 year old father purchased a leather La-Z-Boy recliner. Recently the leather began fading badly on the headrest. La-Z-Boy refuses to cover the chair under warranty. The chair cost nearly a $1,000 and the leather should not have faded in less than a year.

La-Z-Boy claims we did not care for the chair properly. The pamphlet we received with the chair states " Leather color stays vibrant. Each leather hide is completely immersed in dye until it penetrates all the way through to create a deep, rich color that will remain beautiful throughout the life of the leather". The same pamphlet also states "Leather is easy to care for. Ideal for any lifestyle, leather simply requires a mild dusting or wiping to keep it clean". We followed the care instructions on the pamphlet. We feel my 93 year old father was taken advantage of and the chair is inherently defective. By the way, the 1 year warranty expires soon.

La-Z-Boy (Lazy Boy, LazyBoy, lazy boy, lazyboy) does not stand behind the warranties on their overpriced chairs. Don't make the same mistake I made. Check out the BBB rating before making an expensive purchase.

Review about: Lazboy Recliner.

Monetary Loss: $929.

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Yep my recliner is about 6 months old and has several spots where the dye has come off. Incidentally they are not in a spot where there is any wear


Same thing is happening to mine.


We have the same issue, it’s rubbed off on the headrest, and it’s under a year old, we are pissed too.

At first I thought it was stained but then I noticed it was rubbed off.


Less than one year old la-z-boy recliner had dirt spot on the arm.Wiped it with damp rag and the color came right off on the rag. Never seen such inferior expensive garbage.


Same experience, anywhere your body touches the color comes out. Especially ehere my head rests...totally faded out and where my hands rest.


I bought a recliner and in less than 20 month the left wing broke. The poorest furniture quality ever bought in my life.

if you do not belief me. experience it yourself and buy Lazy boy furniture.

Weaverville, North Carolina, United States #1302612

I bought a n expensive lazy boy with dark brown leather and the dye has rubbed off on the right arm and rt back leaving a red color underneath. This condition accurred within the first year and lazy boy could care less.

I will never buy another lazy boy. The lane recliner is also much more comfortable

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #1283319

We have had the same exact problem with the leather "wearing off" after only a few months on our $1,800 love seat recliner and La-Z-Boy also told us that it was due to lack of proper care, and is refusing to stand behind their product!

Flint, Michigan, United States #1280986

Same here! Our recliner has an absolutely round flaw that came through from the leather backing in a place on the seat back where the body doesn't even rest.

Our recliner is 5 years old and this is the only place that isn't like new. We are 76 years of age and are not hard on our furniture. Our 28 year old hide a bed sofa is still in gently used condition.

The quality of La Z Boy now stinks! Never again will we buy La Z Boy anything!

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1267582

Very same thing happened to us. Except ours took closer to two years.

We even had a five year additional leather protection plan we purchased and still lazy boy would do nothing. I wouldn't recommend lazy boy to anybody.

Lansdale, Pennsylvania, United States #1231951

I had the same issue. Total waste of money. I will never buy another sofa from them.


For fading Lazy-Boy furniture contact rubnrestore.com you can buy dye from them and redo your chair etc...... I had the same problem with Lazy-Boy...they went though the motions but would not accept any responsibility.

The process to re-dye is very simple and easy to do, you can even change color but it will take more coats. My recliner looks better than new and I have enough dye to do 2 more coats if necessary.

rubnrestore.com are very helpful unlike Lazy-Boy...... They used to have a good reputation but are now too big for their own good and do not care about Customer care....bad for them, people like me will stop buying their products.

Good luck...

Weymouth, Massachusetts, United States #1116669

I would never again buy anything made by La-Z-Boy in leather. We purchased a reclining couch, reclining love seat and a recliner, all covered in the high end leather.

We were told when we bought the set that leather will last forever and it's so easy to clean. So in cleaning each piece, with a white cloth, that white cloth then showed the leather stain coming off, as we were cleaning. It is the worst furniture we have ever had and has been very embarrassing to have it in my home. You would never know that we spent over $6,000.00 for the set.

The leather, after the first year, looked like we had picked it up from the town dump.

Stay Clear, because even during the warranty period, you are left high and dry. There is definitely something wrong with how their leather.

Sarasota, Florida, United States #1094706

We bought two dark brown leather Lazy boy recliners. When we complained of the color coming off the headrest area after only 3 months, we were told it was because of heart medicine we were taking.

Well, the worst chair belonged to the one person the in the house who is on NO medication. They replaced the back of the recliner but, took 7 weeks to get the back to us...No more Lazy Boy for us!


You can add the Ocala FL to the list of poor customer relations. we paid nearly $2000 for a recliner with massage.

Problems started after 45 days. Ocala would not take the chair and fix the leather. The main office was just as bad. They said it was up to Ocala.

Chair now has several areas of worn looking leather. Finally I discovered that regular liquid brown dye will soak into the leather and improve looks

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #1028855

We have the same problem and they don't give a s**t

Avon, Indiana, United States #845988

I couldn't have said it better. We have peeling on the back of one of our headrest and it wasn't even a year later.

We bought our Lazyboy (two) chairs at Godby Furniture store in avon IN. The store manager was rude to us and told us it was. Lazyboy responsible then Lazyboy said it was Godby because it was less than a year. Long story short, Either one wanted to take care of it.

Because of that, not only will we never shop at Godby

again but NEVER will buy LAZYBOY again!!!!!!!

Not to mention anyone else I know and word of mouth and internet, Facebook and Twitter go a long way! Very bad business on there part!

to Karen Avon, Indiana, United States #845994

lazyboy is awful and so is GODBY Avon IN. Manager.


any leather from any manufacturer that has color applied has the possibility of peeling in the head and arm area even if a leather protector is used. Everyones body is different and produces different sweat and oils and men are worse than women.

If La Z Boy did anything wrong it was making the am and headrest covers optional. I see this happen all the time and every furniture manufacturer has the same warranty when this happens....not covered.

This isn't to imply someone is dirty. We just can't control what comes out of our bodies.

to Frank Dublin, Ohio, United States #846144

That is exactly what La-Z-Boy told us when we had the problem!. You sure sound like you work for La-Z-Boy.

When they took my dad's $1000 they told us that "Leather is easy to care for, ideal for any lifestyle, leather simply requires a mild dusting or wiping to keep it clean". It was only a problem when the overpriced chair started falling apart. My dad has a leather chair from the 70's that still is in very good condition. He must have never sweated in that chair.

Guess the cows were tougher back then.

No one in my family will ever buy La-Z-Boy again. BTW, the crappy chair was thrown in the trash long ago.

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