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Bought myself a $900.00 leather recliner four years ago to go with my new/first house...The nice tan leather turned white where my head rests after about year two.

A two dollar bolt broke last week and I can no longer use the foot rest..I called customer service and was told I'll have to drive it across town and leave it for 3 to 5 days.

The lifetime warranty on the parts isn't going to do much.The $100.00 labor charge on the other hand is going to motive me tell my story all across the internet.

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Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1196536

Amen! They (La-Z-Boy) have been producing garbage for at least ten years, now! Sad, because they were the best at one time.


Bought a premium leather Lazy Boy Recliner in 1998.3 years and the mechanism broke.

It's a really tight fit pressed rivet with a nylon sleeve. Lazy Boy wouldn't do anything except stall and dodge. Says there are no parts. Other repair shops claim its fixable, but "must buy complete mechanism and pay full labor".

Store wouldn't do anything.Other stores wouldn't do anything.


I have had to replace the foot rest mechanism twice at a cost of $100 each time. The mechanism is flimsy and they are using weaker steel in the recliners than they did years ago.

My local Lay Z Boy won't just sell me the mechanism, NO they want to charge me to install it.

This is the 5th Lay Z Boy recliner I have purchased and the LAST,


It only takes about 10 minutes to remove the rivet and replace it with a bolt with a locking nut. Cost about $1 to do this.


I have two blue leather Lazy boy Recliners not cheap was told there is noting they can do to fix the mechanism. I can make the fix myself as I worked for my father at Charm Upholstery in Waterloo Iowa life time guarantee on parts! This sucks buyer beware they do not stand behind their guarantees!


not a lifetime warrrany?


I had the La-Z-Boy a repair man come out to my house put everything together and after that it was fine. It mentions in your contract that you the parts are free but you have to pay for labor .

Virginia, United States #901893

Had the same problem. I sprayed belt dressing on the slides to increase friction. Seems to work fine now.

Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada #894534

I only wish they treated me as well as you,my chair took a year to repair,and the repair consisted of jerry rigging and a couple of non lazy boy bolts to hold it in place , "repair" lasted 10 minutes. Lazy boy i think refers to ther attention concerning there customers needs.


LaZBoy sucks mine broke also the want me to pay for manufacturing defect work NeVER buy again

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