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In Aug 30 2011 we bought $3600.01 of furniture from there Oxnard Ca store. We gave them our check for $1800.01 a month later we went in person to the store and paid balance off with a credit card.

Two weeks later in mid October the furniture was delivered and everything was OK. In December we got a letter from there collection company that said the check we gave them in August bounced. We checked with our bank and found out La z boy never presented the check and that a all times our balance was many times higher that the check. We sent them a overnight check, and never heard anymore.

They say our check bounced 45 days before the even delivered the furniture.

La z boy never called, or contacted us in anyway at anytime. We called them and no one cared that we were about to be reported to the credit rating companies. No apology.

Terrible business.

Review about: Lazboy Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $3600.

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we are trying to send a complaint by email - however, in Canada there is a province called Nova Scotia - not on the list of states or provinces but did you know there is a California in Canada - I guess no one does a proof read of their material or website - poor business all the way around


NEVER write a check for ANY item you do not take home at point of purchase...NEVER!


Misleading exploiting business practices. Legal perhaps but very unethical.

I am reporting to BBB and AG of Ohio and federal. I was shocked at sleazy low life financing thru Synchrony (GE). 29% interest!!!!. My bad for allowing this to happen.

Never expected it. Also product overpriced for quality. Go some where else.

Just about anywhere. Get better product for better price and ethical conduct.


Be aware if you buy a chair from them..it will only last you about two years and then the frame, fabric and cushions all fall apart..they will give you all kind of excuses how it not their fault and not honor the warranty....nice chairs at first..no quality at all....I used to love these chairs and they were quality 10 years ago..not now....horribly disappointed...

to Anonymous #1053291

We had the same experience!

to Anonymous #1118665

I bought a lifter chair and received it in February 2 weeks ago I haven't used the lift cause I have been doing well last night I go to raise the legs and I hear cracking so I go back down when I looked there were pieces of wood under the chair they are trying to give me a run around but this is a brand new chair I'm not sure what to do

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