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La-Z-Boy no quality if poor | Lazboy in Alexandria, Virginia

I've owned several sets of La-Z-Boy furniture for more than 30 years. The quality used to be great, but my most recent purchase of the Asher loveseat is really poor quality and doesn't even sit or feel the same as the one in the store. I talked to the store and they said to sit on mine for 2 or 3 months and see if it feels the same as the one is the store. It doesn't. I even went back to the store to sit on it again to make sure I wasn't imagining things. I wasn't. The one is the store was comfortable and fit me well. This one feels completely different. I also had several other concerns about the loveseat and contacted Customer Care as suggested by the store. I waited until La-Z-Boy customer care came out, before writing this review. They came today and spent about 5 – 10 minutes here. They did NOT resolve all of my problems. My complaints were: - Not the same experience as sitting on the same loveseat in the showroom. The store suggested I wait for mine to get more worn in for 2 or 3 months. I waited 3 months then when the problem still existed, I scheduled a visit from customer care. Customer Care Response: the one in the showroom receives a lot more wear. This did not resolve my concern. - Noisy Springs – Response: Tech states nothing can be done about this, and all power loveseats have this. I explained that I have a James power loveseat that is 3.5 years old and it doesn’t have noisy springs, so why does this loveseat have noisy springs already and it’s only 3 months old. Did nothing to resolve my concern. - The right seat footrest often pops out of place and I have to push it back in. We already have the feet positioned as high as they will go. Customer Care Tech said I should put casters under the feet to lift the front higher. I had some casters and the tech put them under the feet. This resolved the problem while the tech was here, but I haven’t used it often enough to see if it’s a permanent fix. - No padding on inside sides of loveseat, just fabric covering the board, and staple sticking out. Response: The Customer Care Tech hammered the staple in place. He said the uncomfortable sides with no padding are how they make that particular loveseat and he couldn’t do anything to modify it. He also said La-Z-Boy won’t do anything to modify it, because that’s the way it’s made. This is not a satisfactory response. In general this is poor quality and not well made. La-Z-Boy’s quality has really gone downhill. I'm looking for a new source for furniture.
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I can't agree with the post more. I purchased my furniture less than two years ago.

I have had the repair person out twice to fix my love seat and my air mattress for my sofa sleeper now needs to be replaced, again. This will be the third air mattress in less than 2 years. My love seat spring makes noise as well. I also had a nail sticking out from inside and they just nailed it down.

What a terrible disappointment! I spent a lot of money on my pieces and now really don't like them any longer.

I am waiting for customer service to call me, again, for the deflated air mattress.


Thank you for your comment. And I recently found out from a former employee of La-Z-Boy that they have been moved overseas and are no longer made in the USA.

Maybe that explains the drastic decrease in quality. After more than 30 years as a customer, I'll never buy another La-Z-Boy.

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