Bought a LazBoy recliner and it is really comfortable. Only problem is that when you are reclining and want to go back up it makes a very loud bang.

We have two puppies and four cats. Every time I want to get back up it scares all of the animals and usually wakes my wife up. It is the metal lock mechanism that makes the noise. I have tried putting grease on it but that doesn't make it any quieter.

I had LazBoy send someone out to look at it and he said all of their chairs make that noise. Factory contact told me to put a rug under it. This really sucks.

I can't believe that LazBoy can't make a chair that operates without this loud noise. Lesson learned...I won't be buying LazBoy again.

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This is not a defect and quite easy to stop. Think of the chair as a see saw the more weight forward the more noise.The clicking you hear going up is a part called a pawl, its catching in a piece of metal kinda like a saw blade, every click is a tooth of the saw.

When you pull the handle to close, the pawl slips out of the tooth its stuck in, that's the noise and since its holding your weight, that's the dropping motion. So back to the see saw, the trick is to have no weight forward of center when you close it. In fact if you have the chair slightly reclined when you close it, thats even better. You can also reach a leg around off to the side of the footrest press on the floor holding the weight off the front of the chair and close it.

You can also close the chair but hold the handle the whole time, as the footrest levels your feet (if you legs are long enough) will touch the floor as soon as your feet touch take the weight off the chair so it won't rock forward and lket gfo of the handle. No noise.

Bottom line you don't want the chair to rock forward when you pull the handle and release the pawl. If you stop it from rocking forward there can be no noise at all.


Just got my LOUD BANGING Lazy-Boy recliners and they are horrible !! I watched the Lazy-Boy video on how to return the chair to an upright position, tried it the way they describe and BANG !!

I’ve got a non-Lazy- Boy recliner and you never hear it close...

what the heck ? !!

Lake Station, Indiana, United States #1354145

I just got my lazy boy and if I hadn't donated my old recliner I would be asking for it back. My husband is bedridden and when I get up from the chair it wakes him up and he yells!!! Also havecats...when they see me getting up they run out of the room because they know the noise is coming...

Glens Falls, New York, United States #1275765

I have the same problem, but I am not willing to accept it. A chair that makes this much noise clearly is not usable in a home environment.

Ridiculous. I will get a lawyer if I have to the principle of the thing is important.

Olmsted Falls, Ohio, United States #925715

Try shifting your weight backwards instead of leaning forward when you release the handle. That will take care of the noose.

The noise you are hearing is The sound of the mechanism retracting back into place.

Perfectly normal if you're leaning forward. Quiet if shift your weight backwards and then pull the handle down

to Ny #1393349

This (leaning backward when releasing the handle) makes such a difference! The only problem I have with this technique is that my arms aren't quite long enough to maintain contact with the handle through the full arc AND stay leaned against the seat back at the same time.

The other thing I've found that helps is to return the seat back to the upright position before trying to close the footrest.

After inspecting the ratcheting mechanism underneath the chair, I understand why. When you extend the footrest, the ratchet engages. If you then lean the seat back farther, it adds tension to the ratchet. By releasing the handle with the back still leaned back, it has to release all that additional tension too, making the 'clunk' sound.

If you return the seat back to the upright position before trying to close the footrest, that tension is already removed, so it's much quieter.

Still not impressed overall, but this at least makes the chair useable.

Since I got it to use as a rocking/nursing chair for my first baby, I was pretty concerned that the sound would wake up the baby every time. Much less concerned now.

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