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Last April, I purchased two sleeper (slumber air) sofas for my mothers house. Since I purchased one 10 years ago for my place and loved it - I went ahead and told the salesman in Brick, NJ that I would need two (Kiefer and Daphne models) that could accommodate use 2 nights per week.

He assured me that the could take more, he "guaranteed" that would not be a problem. WELL, IT HAS BEEN A PROBLEM!!!! In one year, I have replaced 1 air valve and 4 mattresses. The use was as I had communicated and the service techs say they could find nothing wrong.

Everytime they deflate, it is a leak in the valve. After 7 service calls to LaZboy, with some customer service reps telling me that optimum use is twice per month!?, I am past the one-year warranty and will be expected to pay $380.00/ea for every new mattress I need in the future. I have mirrored this is in a communication with the company and have heard nothing.

Be careful.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazboy Sofa.

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Been there, but got a little longer time but with minimal (1 per month average) use lifeciut of my air slumber. And the latest, it's developed it's own hernia in the middle. And then there's the unique sizing, to more or less for e you to replace it with a lazyboy mattress.


Agreed. The bladders are defective and/or don't take much to leak.

I'm going to try to put a memory foam mattress on my sofa bed.

I'm hoping it will fit (fold) with the spring coil cover the bladder was in. If not, I'll have to throw the cover out.


I have the exact same issue! The company was useless.


The exact same thing happened to me. I have two, one works fine, the second is not usable because the valve leaks.


i too have had many air bladders replace from lazyboy,i have replaced them at a rate about 2-3 per year along with the mattress.i have had about 12 air bladders in a few years & they do not want to address the problem with cheap air bladders


Since my original posting 7 replacement bladders. Classic is, they were once good since I still have the bladder from my first place and it works find. I have not seen any that are supposed to be better though.


Get them from Air Dream(the original manufacturer) for only 99 bucks Airdream dot net


Not good quality.......have had for a few years, only for guests!

Leaking since the first 6 npot purchase this sofa at 1800 dollar...not worth it at all. no customer service only the archaic name of lazyboy! be cautios, do your homework before buying


i too have trouble with this valve, sometimes it just will not latch, only been used 6 times, the lay e boy slumberair is not high quality.


I agree all the way with you! We have had the same problem , we have had 2 valve replacements, 5 new air mattress' and a new mechanism .

and now our pump is burning up and we need to order one of those as well! Getting really frustrated!


I really hate to bad mouth any business but, in this case, perhaps a word of criticism might get some attention. A few years back, we purchased a La-Z-Boy sleeper with the air mattress spring system.

Very comfortable. Due to unexplainable leaks (even by their own technicians), I have replaced the air bladder 4 times. 3 times under warranty & a once purchased replacement. Each time I called customer service & their first question was always, how often do you use it.

I use it for guests 2 or 3 times a year for a few days. But wait a minute, I asked, what's the difference. They said "its not made to use everyday". WHAT?

Excuse me? Please buy our great bed but just don't use it - a lot. "Its not made for a lot of use. Its intended for occasional use only".

Come on!!! Nowhere, does this intended use restriction appear in writing. To replace the air bladder costs over $300 & comes with a whopping 30 day warranty instead of the original 5 years. They don't even sell some sort of a repair kit nor will they recommend any way to fix the leak.

What a racket.

Contact me La-Z-Boy.


Same issue with out Lazy Boy. My biggest issue is that the size is not typical.

Most replacements that I see are 72" long - this one is 70. Am currently looking for a memory foam replacement that will fit - and hope that it will fold back into the frame since it does not deflate...


Amazing. One week past my one year purchase of the product, the air mattress began leaking, just like the customer comment noted above.

Based on that excellent comment, I opted not to follow up with LaZboy because I would rather purchase a Coleman air mattress for 20 some dollars as a replacement and put it in the covering for the mattress. Even though I need to use an external pump, I would much rather replace a 20 some dollar air mattress annually than one that cost $300 something from lazy boy or a $100 from

Buyer beware! Sure, the sofa is nice, and I prefer the lateral linee in the lazy boy air mattress, however, one must be mindful of the trade off.


What Coleman air mattress did you use? Is it on amazon? And how do you put it in?


Same thing happened to us, we bought the air mattress because I have slept on a sleeper sofa before and would never want to subject a guest in our house to that uncomfortable sleepless night. Truly disappointed because after less than a year it developed two separate leaks and repair kits did not work.

Useless without a replacement mattress which I was told would cost $500.00.

Think I will go with a different brand after reading this. I thought La-Z-Boy was quality.


I have a slumber air mattress from LAZBoy and have never had a problem. I love it.

My grown kids fight over it when they come to visit. It is that comfortable. I can't imagine what would go wrong with it to have it replaced that many times in one year. I have had mine for two years and it has seen some use.

Probably not twice a week. I know they have a memory foam mattress that is really comfy too.

Maybe you should get that one instead next time if you use it that much.


My husband and I have had the same problem--the mattress develops a tiny leak in the crevices near the side of the mattress. He repairs it with super-glue, then another one develops.

We got one replacement mattress from LayZBoy but there is no difference--it still develops leaks!

I would recommend not getting an air mattress from them, since it looks to me like they have problems with their design. We have used other air mattresses for years and they only develop a leak after many many uses (years).

@Another ***ed customer

I purchased same mattress in 2010 and have not had a problem with deflation until today 6/2014. I called and asked about ordering a replacement valve and the woman taking the call said to me that the mattress has a 5 year warranty and would send a complete new bladder and valve free of charge. great professional service

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