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To begin with ....I hate this Lazy Boy recliner!!!!!!

We have had Lazy Boys before but never again. I think it is cheaply made and the noise it makes when we lower the foot rest is unbelievable. It just smacks so loud. We have tried hanging onto the lever and lowering it slow but that does not help.

I can be sleeping in the other end of the house with the bedroom door closed and my husband lowers the foot rest on the chair it actually startles me and wakes me up. Have you had other complaints about this problem.

It is in the mechanism somehow.I hate it but I guess we are stuck with a chair that is a true aggravation in this house.

This person wrote the review because of bad quality at Lazboy. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $600 and wants Lazboy to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

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I just purchased 3 of the lazy boy recliners and the noise it ridiculous.I wish I would have realized this before I bought them.

Not happy and spent a lot of money.The noise is so bad the dog is scared to death!


like all the other reviews, I too have two very noisy recliners.I hate them.

Of course Lazy Boy will not own up to their noisy ratcheting system, so we are stuck with them. My question for the group is: Has anyone tried to change out the ratchet system for the typical smooth system used by other recliner makers? Can this be done?

My Lazy Boy's were very expensive, so I'd like to fix the issue if possible.If not, I will move them to another room and go back to my recliner couch.


We have a lazyboy recliner and it is loud VERY, VERY LOUD when returning to the upright position .This is just a *** poor design!!

Who in their right mind would design a chair that wakes up everyone when returning to the up right position.I will NEVER recommend a lazyn of product.

Hire sound engineers with brains and good hearing and redesign the mechanism.

Creston, Iowa, United States #1350915

Yes the clunk, very disruptive

East Jordan, Michigan, United States #1286121

I have the same problem. Bought 2 recliners and both make this horrendous noise when bringing to upright position.

Sounds like the chair is actually breaking.

Brought to the attention of retailer and got nowhere.

I tell everyone I know, not to buy Lazy Boy products

Glens Falls, New York, United States #1275763

You are not alone. The loud sounds of this recliner are ridiculous.


Tried to return because no one told me that this noise is normal for recliner rockers.If I had know about this I never would have purchased this chair.

Laz-Boy will trade it in for a 30% restocking.

This is a terrible way to do busy.Let the world know the consumer has been taken again.

to Anonymous #1462297

Ours does the same thing!Every time my husband goes to put it up right it banks do loud!!

Scares me, my dog and my cat.Hate it!!!!

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