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9-1-17 Below are previous posts.....As a recap, had an expensive LazyBoy Recliner breaking....Got a hold of them 24 July 2017....Unsatisfied, go to store purchased where the two managers their were stellar....Got me setup just to have customer care make an appt. for it to be looked at in Oct 2017 and appt to be "looked at"....As if doing me a favor I get a call from their sub contractor Furniture Services moving it up to 16 Aug 2017.....So in their infinite wisdom they ship the parts the tech needs to the customer house and then won't let you schedule an appt.

until those parts are physically at your house....Those parts arrived today over 3 weeks after the tech was here for less than 3 minutes and ordered them while telling me they won't fis the rip in the material that the failed part caused because the material is out of warranty??????????? So now we are at over 6 weeks....I call the so called LazyBoy Customer Care Line and while the young ladies have been nice, they treat my service as if this kind of service is completely normal, while now scheduling the actual repair for 4 Oct 2017.....Over 70 days since this issue was brought to their attention will have passed....Despite my telling them that ATT, Frontier, Time Warner etc are known to have the poorest customer ratings and that they are light years worse than those companies combined, but they continue to treat and act as if their service is normal.....And this, despite my telling them that I have an actual Leather Recliner bought from Costco at a 1/4 of the price of theirs 5 years ago, that has never given me a single problem and that if it had Costco would have just given me a new one same day and it would have been over with.....They people in "Customer Care"still continue to act as if their service is acceptable and normal just to repair it.....A week maybe 2 on the outside would be acceptable for total repairs, 70 days is not.....Their continuing to ignore customers and this final act of taking yet another month to get somebody out and finish this has guaranteed I will never spend the amount of money nor buy products from them again.....Given their reactions at "Customer Care" by phone as well as writing to them by snail mail, email on their website and on messaging here.....Not a single person has responded to these non phone options.....being cowards about it.....So it is obvious to me they do not care and think the reputation they used to have is going to carry them...well not on my dime, I have learned my lesson and make anyone I can aware regarding this nightmare of service and LazyBoy's actions in this process or lack of......I sure they think or believe they are too big to fail, but with type of service as I have received and the others I have read......I don't see them staying above water for a long time more....All you had to do was provide decent service LazyBoy and it seems your incapable or uninterested in doing so....And you definitely show no interest in fixing this severly broken system of yours......It is a *** shame and a spit in the face of the two managers (Store and Sales) at the Temecula store who did such a stellar job in helping me in the beginning of this fiasco....You should be ashamed but I know your not!!!! Recliner (Lazy-Boy Vince reclinarocker) purchased 2 years ago (3-04-15)...Has squeaked incessantly since day one with every little movement but worked fine. Had to learn to ignore thinking it would eventually break in, it did not....Original sales ep misled about lifetime warranty...Recently the recliner mechanism has gotten rough to use.

Now it will not recline completely and I have to walk around to push back up straight. I have thoroughly looked at the mechanisms and could not find any reason for this....Called Lazy Boy warranty, was told by agent they cover parts but will charge me to have a tech come out, will charge me to deliver the parts to my home and then tech will come back...Also when tech comes out they will charge me more should it take the tech over an hour to do but they won't tell me what that rate would be... Very disenchanted....When I spent almost 3 times what a good quality recliner from Costco would have cost me, and this one was on sale....I thought I was getting a well backed, well built quality product.....Apparently I was wrong.....2 years of use is no bargain for sure and unacceptable for high the price paid....Will go back to Costco and buy a recliner that is 100% covered for 5 years and get rid of this so called great company Lazy-Boy, and it's so called superior built furniture, what a croc....Good Riddance!!!!! By the way I found the issue which is an anchor in the chair arm towards the rear left side detached....The back piece of chair mounts on an arm on each side that the recliner mechanism attaches and pivots on at that point of failure .

Appears to be unrepairable without taking fabric off....also the arm on that side the back piece slides onto, bent due to the failure of this anchor to remain affixed to the chair frame... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8-16-17 Need warranty work for a chair that failed in 2 years....The piece that failed also tore a hole in the fabric....Lazy Boy In Temecula's, Nansee and Linda (Store mgr and Sales Mgr respectively) were terrific in helping me after I explained my issues and jumped all over it especially after I showed them pictures....Unfortunately Lazy Boy called on their urging and they set me up for a September service call on July 25th from the main office through their contractor Furniture Services.....Furniture services called a day or so later to tell me they were moving it up to today Aug 16th as if that were some big consolation, still almost a month out....So two days ago a recording tells me they will be out to my home between 5pm and 8pm and want me to verify which I did electronically....The tech shows up around 6:30pm.....As we are walking in I express how it is not good how long it takes to get service on this expensive product and how late this appointment is....he counters that he has 13 calls a day and how busy they are....I express that maybe his company should hire more people to which that apparently offended him and he started getting combative from there....Won't get into the argument that ensued when he told me a part was fine, when it was clearly bent and the fact they would not repair the hole clearly caused by the failed part....I told him if he represents his company in that way and their ok with it, it was no wonder the service times were so poor.... He then told me angrily that he was ordering parts and when they arrived at my home to call his company to set up another appointment....I asked if his was repair was going to hold up and somewhere around this time he said yes while at the same time insinuating that I must have done something to make it fail and I admittedly wise *** at that point said, yes if sitting in it and reclining and never ever plopping would be the reason or I asked, do you think I'm am too oversized at 6'3" and 235lbs for the biggest chair Lazy Boy makes??? To which he back peddled.....I then asked if that appointment would take another month or more to which he really got pissed about and stated angrily that he was just the tech, it takes whatever they say.....I told him it was all a *** poor way of doing business and did not represent a supposed high end company very well....To which he he left my house as fast as possible, got red and sped off....By the way he was in a personal vehicle had no tools and did not seem prepared to fix it if no parts were required....No ID and no uniform of any kind....the lack of professionalism was very clear.....They thing is I feel so rotten for Nansee and Linda given what they did just to be let down by this contractor and the parent company who is responsible for these people representing them so poorly.....I would do business in a heartbeat with Nansee and Linda I think they are straight shooters and fabulous at customer service.....but unfortunately I don't think I can ever justify the expense of buying more Lazy Boy items given the treatment I have received the one time I actually needed warranty help which in my opinion should have never happened...The worst part of all this with regards to warranties....

is that I have a 5 year old Leather Costco bought recliner I have never had an issue with, that I purchased for less than a third the price of this Lazy Boy and 100% guaranteed that if while under warranty something had happened, Costco would have absolutely replaced the chair on the spot without the craziness of dealing with Lazy Boy....Just my experience up to this point...and who knows when this chair will actually be fixed?????.wild would be an understatement....and relaying my experience in what is actually a brief representation of all that has transpired to this point.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazboy Recliner.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Worst service of any company ever encountered in 60 years, Customer service results.

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La-Z-Boy Incorporated

to LaZBoy #1367003

Oh please you have had ample opportunity and more than enough time to fix this.....I a tired of all the lip service....You people have proven to me you don't care about your reputation or your customers.....The only people that did their jobs were the store and sales managers in your Temecula store.....They were stellar in trying to right a wrong and a problem and then you people dropped the ball in a huge way on them and me....I am handicap and counted on that chair but you folks didn't seem to give a *** about that either.... So I'll give you what you need but don't you dare give those managers any grief...They were the only ones that gave a *** or did their jobs....

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