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Update by user Sep 16, 2018

Well I should put an end to this. I finally got them to take it back but they kept about $400 of my money!!

They said I ordered a special beige, I didn't know beige was special. They said they spent a lot of time on it, like it was my fault it did not work or they sent me the wrong one to begin with!!Live and learn, I guess. Anyone buying from them, just beware! We have used them for many years and I am not sure what happened.

I finally got a different chair and guess what, it works over and over again, nonstop and doesn't need any rest, just like the other five chairs I had! I informed the BBB but they couldn't do anything, since LazyBoy kept to the lie that was how it was supposed to work. Maybe the BBB needs an upgrade too. One thing to remember, if you NEED service, it is NO longer Local and is sent from outside your area.

Maybe that is why they kept trying to fix it before they came up with, that's how it worked. 68 years old and this has to be the worse store and service I have ever went through in my whole life. If you ignore my warning, Good luck. Hopefully it will be better than I got???

Also, Make sure where you purchase is made at, didn't know until I was done but mine came from Mexico! If I had known that to start, that would have stopped me from buying it right than!

Update by user Mar 29, 2018

Well, I just got a new Message and I hope this helps someone. A repairman came out on Wednesday and tried all kinds of new parts and nothing seemed to help but he called a guy and he knows all about these chairs who told him that the box that goes to the outlet, was the problem.

So he put that on and left. Well today I used it and it was NOT fixed! Run ten seconds, quit, runs ten seconds and quit, over and over. Well he left his Lazy Boy number and I called and left a message.

He got back to me a little bit ago and he just found out, that is how the chairs work!! Surprise, Surprise!! If you use the chair for 15 minutes, you need to let it rest for fifteen minutes. If you use it for a half an hour, you need to rest it for a half an hour.

Who knew??? Since I ordered in January, NO one ever came up with that one. So, I guess I have to get a clock or a timer and set it, so I will know when I can use it!!! Who would buy a chair that they could only use half a day???

Remember, this is my 4th heat massage chair from Lazy Boy, still have one in Family room, none of them ever needed a rest!! How did a repairman for Lazy Boy NOT know this. Why didn't they tell me that when I bought it. Why has NONE of the 100 people from Customer Care ever know it??

Of course, the Repairman is going right to the store and tell them that this is how the chair works and they need to tell people.

If anyone has ever heard a more BS story, please let me know. I guess they thought I would shut up and accept half a chair because they have NO idea of what is wrong with them??????

Update by user Mar 17, 2018

I also should mention that I have a leather heat and massage chair from Lazy Boy in my Family room and it is at least 8 years old and it still works. No safety features that shut it down for an hour or more.

I don't sit in it, my wife does. Since I have a heart condition and with all the medications I take for it, I am cold constantly, so the leather makes me colder.

I did sit in it for at least three-or four years and it works the way it should. Actually, I just sat in it a few days ago and it still works fine, so what gives????

Original review posted by user Mar 17, 2018

I purchased a Lazy Boy lift chair and it was delivered on 2/18/2018. The first day I had it, after using the massage and heat for several sessions, it went off.

Pushed buttons, no lights on remote. Than the lights came back on and I pushed the massage button and it worked for 10 seconds and went off again. It kept doing this over and over. If I let it sit for two hours, I could use it again for several sessions and than it went out.

I have talked and talked and cannot get any help. I am retired, 2400 dollars is a lot of money to me, plus the medical issues I have, so this chair is a need, not a want. After repeated calls, being lied to over and over, they finally sent a guy to check the chair. He said it needed replaced.

On 3/15, the replacement came. I sat down and used the heat and massage and after two timed sessions, it did the exact same thing. Called and the Sales Manager at the store hung up on me. No vulgarity, no screaming, just didn't want to hear what I had to say.

Back to Customer Care, 3 different people, wait and wait. One lady tried to tell me that is how they are supposed to work, it's a safety feature. So, I guess I need to use the chair at 8, leave it sit until 10 and than use it and than let it set until 2PM and I would be fine. This is the fifth heat massage chair I have owned and none of them did this!

Amazingly, when we went to the store, I sent an e-mail to my wife's phone, it included a picture of the chair, all the serial numbers, the features I had to have and even several colors that I would like. When the first chair came, it was NOT the chair I ordered. I shut up and figured maybe they changed the style and was tired of arguing. Amazingly, the replacement chair WAS the chair I originally ordered.

What was that about??? This is not a problem with a shade of color, or I thought it would be different, all I want is a chair that works!! I am disabled and I am mostly at home and I need my chair. I asked for a refund and I would go elsewhere, not sure if that will happen.

Remember, first chair 2/18, second chair 3/16, so I have been dealing with this for a solid month. I also have a Heart problem and I have been popping Nitro like candy. I have taken more Nitro in the last month than I have the past three years!! Maybe 2400 dollars is NOT a lot to them but it is to me and all I want is a chair that works!!

Since I have owned four heat massage Lazy Boys and one heat and massage Catnapper chair, I am pretty sure I know how they work. I spent an hour yesterday debating with a Customer Care Service person that tried over and over to tell me this is how they work. No matter I have had 4 of their recliners with heat and massage over the last 25 years.

This worker also said read the instructions, what instructions??? They DON'T give you instructions to read and after 25 years, I am positive I know how they are supposed to work!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazboy Recliner.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $2431.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lazboy Cons: All they do is give me the run around.

  • Terrible Customer Care
  • Poor Quality
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Well, if anyone follows this, I have an update. Lazy Boy sent a Repairman out and he work on it for quite a while and replaced parts.

Well, this morning it worked the exact same way. I left a message for the Repairman. He just called me back and said he didn't know it but he just found out, that is how the chairs work. In other words, use it for a half and hour and let it rest for half and hour.

So they are telling me I now need to watch my clock and time when it shuts off and let it rest for a half an hour, than use it again. I am having a very hard time believing this and it just goes to all the other lies I have been told. It is NOT advertised this way and if someone would have told me that, I would have walked away. So now I can't sit back and close my eyes and rest, I need to be a clock watcher.

Maybe I can buy a timer and set when it goes off and have it ring when it is time to put it back on. Do any of you get how RIDICULOUS this is??? If that is their story, I want my money back and let me go buy a chair that I don't need a timer with. Did I mention this is my Fourth chair from them and the other three don't work that way.

Somehow, with all I have been through, I guess I should have expected it. If you do not want to be a clock watcher, do NOT buy this chair!!!


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