The things they don't tell you about the warranty , you find out later . I was at the counter paying for my chairs when a man came up with a broke chair - after 12 month the labor will be $75.00 per repair.

not a lifetime warranty to me, but that's what they tell you. bull ***. they just tell you how good the furniture is put together .

I call the store in mobile , al to find out about it the sell's person would not tell my he just went around the world with it. people will buy just tell the truth.

Review about: Lazboy Warranty.

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Your spot on ! Lazy Boy is just plain lazy !

Thee quality is going down the tubes.

I am a victim of it as we speak! Customer is never Right at Very Lazy Boy


I bought two Lazy Boy recliners in 2017. The fabric started to pill and look like they are 10 years old!

Now they blame my 12 dog and won't stand behind the fabric!

I am so pissed!! Never again will I purchase Lazy Boy!!


CathyB Roseville CA....The same thing happened to me in 2004. Only when the rep came out he said the problem with the fabric was caused by a malfunction of the material and La-Z-Boy's LIFEtime warranty dose not cover fabric malfunctions.

If I had told them my dog caused it or my kids cut it then it may have been covered.

I've had the sectional for 8 years now and it looks like it's 20 years old!! I will NEVER buy nor recommend a La-Z-Boy!


I purchased a LaZBoy sectional for more than $3000, October, 2005. The sales person sold it with a lifetime warranty.

Over time the seating cushions are sagging, the back cushions are practically flat, and the fabric began to tear within the first two years. My husband and I are both small people and take very good care of our furniture. I finally called the store where I purchased the furniture only to be told they could send someone out to look at it and repair the springs if that is the problem. Of course, they charge a $99 fee for this service.

Given the furniture needs so much work, it seems useless to put another penny into this junk. Owning several homes, I have purchased many couches over the years.

Although I paid far less for other couches, they looked and seemed new when I have replaced them. I will never purchase from them again and hope others will be well informed before wasting money with LaZBoy.

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