We purchased a couch/loveseat recliner set in mid January 2013. When it was to be delivered we hadn't painted the house or cleaned it the way I wanted it. So we put off delivery. They finally contacted us by mail in June and I emailed and asked that we cancel the contract. I know it's been a long time, but corporate says they leave management decisions up to each store manager.

Well, ours decided that even though the item never left the warehouse they would charge a restocking fee of 30% or $354. We NEVER received the item so they CAN'T restock something that never was delivered.

So I contacted BBB and they sent my complaint to corporate even though corporate allows the managers to deal with the problems themselves. We wanted to be able to buy there again but NO!

Everyone I've told and believe me I'm telling anyone I can, doesn't believe that they would charge this! Or I can come in and purchase something else. WHAT? Like I would want to go there and see them again. Oh, yeh, the store manager helped us but he certainly didn't look or act like the store manager.

Finally the two items we purchased could be brought to the store and sold in the store for what we paid for them. So they wouldn't be losing any money!

Review about: Lazboy Recliner.

Monetary Loss: $354.

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regardless if it was in your house or not they still have to put it back in the stock room (re-stocking fee)...duhhh!

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Here's an idea, don't buy something you don't intend to keep. Would it be better if they call it a return processing fee, storage fee, holding fee?

You had them hold an item for 6 months and you don't think they should be compensated? What's the reason for not receiving it?

Because you don't want it to be delivered! Or you can just keep the couch!!!!

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