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DO NOT BUY ANYTHING AT LAZYBOY. I caution anyone who thinks they want to spend their furniture budget on anything from Lazboy to not do that.

Customer service is terrible. If there is any type of problem with the purchase, such as beginning with them not delivering the piece you ordered, you will get the run-around. If you call the store where you purchased the chair, for example, they will say their records show that you ordered #xyz and chair XYZ was what was delivered. They know you can't contest what they claim their records supposedly show over the phone, because you don't have access to the records they claim they have.

They are at the store. So one strategy they rely on is flat out lying where it's inconvenient for you to check on the accuracy of what they tell you. I had sat in the chair in the store, and one reason I chose that one over other models is that the footrest was longer. The chair they delivered had a shorter footrest, causing my feet to dangle uncomfortably.

They never delivered the chair I paid for. I assume the profit margin was higher on the chair they delivered. Or, as I found out later, they messed up their records, and as a result, delivered the wrong chair. Either way, they did not correct the error, but just lied and claimed they did deliver the chair that didn't fit me because that's what I would have ordered.

Some essential parts break down after a short time, and despite there being a lifetime warranty, Lazboy says they can't honor the warranty because (pick one: your chair is no longer being made so there are no parts available, our records show you have a different chair than the one other records of ours show you have, therefore we don't know what chair you have, and therefore can't order parts. Right, because Lazyboy can't keep their records straight, they can't honor the warrantee. Then, they will launch into the reason why you, the customer who paid for the chair, is at fault (Lazyby employees seem to be trained to assume all customers are incredibly stupid, or at least female customers. I happen to have earned four college degrees, including a Ph.D., and happen to know there are now more women than men in college as well as more women in the work force than men, so Lazyboy might want to consider teaching their customer service people to update their assumptions about how much to talk down to customers, and how incredible the excuses can be and stillll be believed if you want to hold on to your market share.

I was told that it was MY responsibility to make up for lazyboy's disorganization by having to find the ACK number, which they said they don't know because their records are messed up. Without the ACK number, they said they can't order a part because they don't know what part is needed for my chair (the customer service people weren't that articulate, so I'm paraphrasing.). One of them said she could send out a person to look for the number, but I would have to pay a service charge of $110 in advance(or $109 depending on whom I talked to) for the service needed only because their records are messed up. This amount is non-refundable, even if the person who came out provided no service except for entering my house.

I declined, and said I needed someone to, at least, tell me why the chair is not functioning, and if he can't, I'd like the assurance that I can get at least a partial refund of the service charge. The especially rude guy on that day said, "That's not the way it works, M'aam", in an especially condescending tone. If what he said was true, its only true for lazyboy. I've owned two houses and when I needed an appliance serviced in the house, I call the repair person, they give me a service fee cost for coming out, diagnosing and if agreed upon fixing the problem on the date of the appointment, and if parts need to be ordered, giving me an estimate of what it will cost to fix it along with any less expensive options.

I then decided what to do, and the electrician, plumber, heating and cooling person gives me a paper bill listing what he or she did (a bill lists what was actually done, and what the charges were. I then pay him or her- AFTER they completed the work I asked them to do. THAT is how it works, young man. Anyone who says you have to pay for service, even if no service you need is done, and you have to pay it in advance with no refund if no service you need is done, with your credit card over the phone is being conned.

I don't need someone from lazyboy to step into my house and do nothing else. I need to use that $109 or $110 to pay someone who can diagnose the problem, and that's what I used it for. Lazyboy tried to find out who he was, I asked why? and young Shyanne said because if he's local, he can call us and we can order the part if he can find ACK number that she already said she couldn't order because my son looked for it where she said it was and he saw no tag where she said it would be.

Besides, the company that orders Laxyboy parts is in Indiana, not local for me.

If you want go through this craziness each time you need customer service for the couch or chair or whatever you spent your hard-earned money on only to get nothing, the buy from Lazy boys and girls. I will given them no repeat business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazboy Recliner.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Thanks for reaching out to us about your chair.We're so sorry for your dissatisfaction with the piece and for your frustration regarding the service you've received.

Our team would love the opportunity to further investigate.

Please send an email to with your name, address, telephone number and the name/city/state of the retailer you purchased from.Please also include review number 1175500 in the subject line of your email.


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